Blindness Prevention Project

Midwest Sight Foundation, NFP was created to meet the needs of our community. We find it troubling that there are people in the community who have glaucoma, but haven't had it detected yet. These patients don't tend to find out that they have advanced glaucoma until their vision has already been severely affected by this disease. To prevent glaucoma from further damaging your vision, it is strongly suggested to get a yearly screening. 

Our goal is to go out into our communities to educate and screen the public, free of charge. By doing this we will increase awareness of glaucoma, and help prevent the devastation of blindness from advanced glaucoma.

Eye Model design drawn by Dr. Lee

The Eye Model

 With help from a number of companies and Richland Community College’s Welding classes, the foundation is constructing a Walk-In Eye Model at the Children’s Museum of Illinois. This interactive structure will allow visitors to enter the model to learn more about the eye and its functions.  

The seven foot diameter model will have a four foot opening to allow visitors to enter. It will be displayed in the Healthy Habits area of the museum. Both children and the adults that accompany them will benefit from this learning experience. 

Check out our progress pics below!


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